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Should I Have Sext?

John Powers
John Powers

Sext (noun: sėxt) A text with sexual content. Phone sex via texting. Can include descriptions of sexual situations and/or pics of ones self in sexual poses.

Sexting started with the early adapters. They would text suggestive messages late at night by hitting the number “3” three times to get an “F.” It was for people who wanted the suspense you just couldn’t get with a phone call. People eventually got tired of using their imagination and were thrilled when improved picture technology led to taking selfies in the bathroom mirror and texting a pic that showed some skin. It’s a huge turn-on to see someone getting naked and hearing graphic descriptions of what they would like to do with you. It’s even better when you can see each other.

Should you do it?
It depends on what your situation is. Are you already dating this person? Is there a chance they will share it? Would that bother you? Are you planning on getting involved with politics? Is your name Weiner?! Sending someone a private picture of your naughty parts requires a certain amount of trust. My general rule of thumb is to only share with people who share back… at least that way you’ll have collateral blackmail material. I’ve made a point of deleting pics of lovers-past and hope they have done the same.

Being sexually expressive is something most people can appreciate. Since 50 Shades of Grey became popular, more middle-aged people are getting comfortable exploring their fantasies. We all like to feel attractive and desired. Even Martha Stewart is into sexting. She’ll make you a quiche and then blow your mind in bed!

For most people sexting is a fun way to feel like an exhibitionist and to tease the person on the other side of the phone. When I get a sexy text from my lover it makes me want her and reminds me that when she’s alone she’s thinking of me. We spent some time apart when my job took me out of state and Face Time on the iPhone came in handy.

If you enjoy being sexually adventurous… give sexting a try. There’s nothing wrong with it. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been together for years. Being sexy with each other helps keeps the relationship fresh and fun. Describe what you want and get creative. It could lead to a real-life fantasy coming true.

– John Powers

3 thoughts on “Should I Have Sext?”

  1. Never in my life did I ever think I’d sext and be sexted to, but it happened when me and her had such good chemistry going on. No regrets as two years later we’re still together, live together and have more sex in a month than I did in my teens and twenties combined. I sexted when the ‘time was right.’ But I know that now and am lucky. Before we met in person and loved eachother more, I was struck with a concern after the sext I sent. My phone at the time was a really cheap flip phone. Its camera had screwed up depth perception. Closest thing to the camera looked huge while everything else looked like it was a mile away. I sent a pic of my hand holding Mr. Happy. Her reaction? “you have big hands.” My hands aren’t big. “Uh oh” I thought. Luckily I had the opportunity to not only explain the phone camera situation but importantly to prove the truth about my real and awesome size that she continues to enjoy, can’t get enough of and wants to enjoy forever. Lesson if any? 1. Forget about it and the sext event will unravel naturally when the time and person is right. 2. If ignoring lesson 1 and loose about sexting, be aware of your phone camera’s depth perception first.

  2. “She’ll make you a quiche and then blow your mind in bed!” Haha, now there’s a real life fantasy worth sexting for!

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