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Who Should Pay?

John Powers
John Powers
The man should pay. The lady may offer and even insist, but the man should pay for the first date. The second as well. The third too. A lady may buy drinks afterward if she insists, but the dinner and date are the man’s responsibility. It’s not about money and it’s not about equality. It’s about etiquette. It’s about chivalry and respect. Pay for your date. You asked her out. She came. It’s on you.I know the economy is bad. Each week it seems like the number on your paycheck gets smaller. How are you supposed to take a girl out with this measly fare? Dinner is more expensive than ever and the carnival that used to cost 5 bucks is now $25 each.
Make a budget.
Pick your dates carefully.
It’s an investment.

Guess what guys… if you can’t afford a date, you shouldn’t pro-create.Many women prefer to split the check these days… but not all. There are some who get offended when a guy doesn’t at least grab it the first time. A lady friend of mine told me she doesn’t expect it… but she appreciates it. She judges a man based on whether or not he grabs for it. She doesn’t need a sugar daddy, but she likes a man who knows how to treat a lady. If he pays the first few times she will continue to see him and appreciate being with a good man. This will go on for a while. After a few years of dating you can compare your salaries and bottom lines. At that point it would make sense for whomever makes more money to pay for the majority of meals.

The question of who should pay arises from the feminist equality movement. Women are equal. They want to split the check. If you’re a modern guy and that’s what you’re looking for… that’s fine. Let her split it. Look at the bottom and tell her what she owes. Wait for her to look sideways at you because you did the math at a 10% tip instead of 20% tip and judge you for being a cheapskate. Now in an effort to appease her you’ve upset her and lost the second date. Maybe she wasn’t counting on the restaurant being so expensive. You ask her for 75 bucks and she wasn’t planning to spend more than 40. She’ll pay because she’s a feminist but she won’t go out with you again.

Your nickname will be Sir Spendsalot.
An old-fashioned man will grab the check. It’s not about superiority or implying that the woman is unable to buy herself dinner. She can. It’s about giving without question. It’s not about money. Spending time with someone special is worth more than money. Make it an easy situation and take care of it.

… expect nothing in return.
Dinner does not equal a blowjob.

If I got laid every time I paid for a first date my number would be much higher.

– John Powers


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