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Reverse Chivalry

John Powers
John Powers

Reverse chivalry is the courtesy that a woman should provide in return for her man being chivalrous. Too often women are offended by chivalry and assume that it means a man expects sex in return. That’s simply not the case. A woman does not need to provide sexual favors in exchange for a man holding a door open. There are plenty of good men out there who are not looking for a woman who will be deferential or submissive. All he wants is for you to stand by his side and appreciate the little things he does. The relationship does not have to be straight out of the 1950’s. You can be in a mature modern adult relationship and still be considerate of each other. It makes a big difference. It is mostly about respect and it is just as important for both sexes to show their respect for each other. A man that knows how to treat a lady wants a lady who knows how to treat her man.

There are several easy ways to do this.
None of them require fellatio but we certainly won’t turn it down.

Knowing that men are not typically detail-oriented means that you can prepare the things he doesn’t bother to think about. Keep a list of his families birthdays. When his Dad’s is a month away ask if he’d like to order some Omaha steaks. He will appreciate your thoughtfulness and it will be easier than grabbing lotto tickets and a Big Mac on the way to his parents’ house. If you’re going away for a weekend there’s a chance he won’t bring deodorant or a toothbrush. It only takes a minute to pack those things in with your toiletries and it will be easier than stopping at a 7-11 on the other side of your journey.

Give him at least one weekend night per month to keep current with his friends. That way they won’t call you Yoko and blame you for his complete disappearance. Let him go out and get schnockered and not have to worry if some other guy is looking at you. Plan a girl’s night and text him periodically to let him know you are not in the bathroom with a busboy. It will do him good to be surrounded by other men for a night and it will do you good to catch up with your friends as well.

Last but not least… be a lady. That sounds easy but there’s more to it than wearing makeup and a skirt. If you go someplace with him you should leave with him. If you need to have a sensitive conversation go someplace private. If he makes a joke… laugh. It will make him feel good and there is no harm in inflating his ego a bit. Your support and encouragement is always appreciated, especially when out with other people. If he says something and it is met with awkward silence it is helpful for you to bail him out.

That’s all we really need.

– John Powers


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