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What Should I Get My Man for Valentine’s Day?

John Powers
John Powers


Seriously. Guys don’t care about Valentine’s Day. The only reason they think about it is because they know you want something. They don’t. It’s a Hallmark Holiday that was made up to sell more roses in February. Trust me, he doesn’t want flowers. Everyone loves chocolate but a guy doesn’t really need a present on Valentine’s Day. The day is for you, ladies. Enjoy it. It’s your day to feel loved and adored and cherished. Let us make you feel special and dote on you for a day.

Still don’t believe me?
You want a list, eh?
Ok, fine. If you must get us something, here are a few options…

1. Hobby Time. Give him 2 hours on Valentine’s Day to do what he enjoys doing. Whatever it is. If your guy is a gamer, let him play his game. If he is a musician, suggest that he pick up the guitar and play something for you. Sit and listen. Get into it. What men like more than anything in the world is to be in their cave. Give him some time to sit back and be himself without any pressure or expectations. He will appreciate your understanding and thank you for allowing him the space to explore his interests.

2. The Thirst-Quencher. Pick up a case (or a handle) of his favorite beverage. A night of consumption and laughter is a great way to get to know your guy. Find out what his favorite is and pick some up on your way home from work. Let him indulge with his favorite craft brew or Cabernet and have lighthearted conversations about things that make both of you happy. Ask him when he first had that beverage and what happened that night. Share stories and enjoy each others company.

3. Remember Things. The gift that guys really love the most is the gift of giving a damn. We love when we mention something stupid… “Heck yeah! I used to have a Fraggle Rock lunchbox!” … and then a few months later you hand us something that has a Doozer on it. We’re gonna get really excited. Not because we give a shit about a Doozer Pez dispenser, but because you remembered what we were into and found something special. That means more than Russell Stover.

4. Go See a Show. Most guys would rather go to a concert than out to a cheesy restaurant. Keep an eye on his favorite bands. If one of them is playing… get tickets. It’s very simple. Ask him what he’s doing on March 15th and then tell him to put the Hold Steady on his calendar. You will never forget that time you grooved along to “Citrus” with him and got lost on the New Jersey Turnpike after the show.

5. Sex. Let’s be honest, what most guys really want is sex. Give him some. It’s really healthy for both of you (especially when you really get into it) and it’s a great workout. This day is a great excuse to get sexy. Give him some really mind-blowing sex and he will always remember that Valentine’s Day when his girl rocked his world. Take turns giving and receiving erotic massages. Tease him and get flirtatious like you did when you first started dating. Do something new or exciting that will make him wonder what magazine you’ve been reading and buy you a yearly subscription.

That’s all we really want.
Again, we don’t need any of it.
… but if you must, shop smart.

– John Powers

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