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Does Age Matter?

John Powers
John Powers

Age matters if you let it. We each have a unique level of maturity and are capable of dating someone older or younger than ourselves based on how old we act and feel.

For a guy, dating a younger girl whilst in High School or college is fantastic. You’re a Senior, she’s a Freshman. You’ve got years of experience and knowledge that she looks up to with reverence. She’s impressionable, and there are many things she has never seen before, and she’s quite open-minded to learning! Just make sure her parents like you, and be careful with her braces… those can be dangerous.

That small 3-year difference in age is hardly, if ever, a deal-breaker. It gets complicated in your 20′s. Now if you’re dating younger girls, they have never heard of Fraggle Rock… and they actually liked the Backstreet Boys.

Fortunately, that’s where cougars come along. Just as your patience wears thin with girls who have never heard of Soundgarden, you realize there’s an untapped well of maturity and sexual know-how bottled up in every unattached older woman. Strap in, young man… you’re in for the ride of a lifetime.

Age becomes less meaningful for men as we age due to our lack of internal clockage, as well as general desperation and lack of discerning tastes… men actually (generally) get better-looking as they age, and older men have more money to buy you stuff. It’s a win-win for the guys.

It’s a different story for women. As always they get the short end of the double standard stick. If a woman in her 30’s goes for a man in his 20’s she is accused of robbing the cradle or being a cougar. If a woman in her 30’s goes for an older man she is accused of being a gold-digger.

Women are typically more mature than men. Usually by 5-7 years. My best advice is for everyone to follow their hearts. If age matters to you than staying within your generation is probably your best bet.

– John Powers

2 thoughts on “Does Age Matter?”

  1. I think age naturally helps you narrow down your dating pool .it kinda leads you in the right direction in terms of having things in common and relate to (ie fraggle rock)

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