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5 Reasons Nudity Gets Clicks

John Powers
John Powers

Everyone likes looking at attractive women. Everyone loves boobs. If you share a picture, link or video that features an image of an attractive woman with large breasts… people are more likely to click on it. Here’s why…

1. There’s a Shortage
Facebook averages over a billion new status updates every day. That’s a lot of posts… but 95% of them are cat pictures, political statements, and shameless plugs for upcoming events and projects. Your news feed is covered with babies, graduation pictures and incoherent ramblings about the mundane activities of daily life. It is few and far between that someone will share a picture that makes you think about sex. When a sexy picture pops up in your news feed, it peaks your curiosity. You want to see if there are more images of the same nature in the article. What wonders could this link contain?

2. Beauty Catches the Eye
Whether it’s an armadillo rolling around with a pink squeaky-toy or a sunset by a beach, our eyes are drawn to beauty. Most of us are surrounded by cars and buildings and gas stations… it’s important to look closer for the beauty around us. It could be newly fallen snow, the stained glass windows of a church, or a lady bug landing on your lapel. It catches the eye and we are drawn to it. The same goes for an image on your news feed. denise milani hollywood sunset hot sexy chick huge big boobs breast breasts tit tits nipples smokin gorgeous beach sunriseYou scroll past trivial status updates about celebrity sightings and bowel movements… then you see a beautiful face or a nice body. It catches your eye. You have no choice but to click the link.

3. Breasts are Beautiful

We can’t get enough of them. They’re like snow-flakes, each pair is special and different. We want to look at the curves of skin and stare at cleavage. How can they be so big and yet so perky?! They have a mesmerizing effect on both men and women alike. When men look at breasts they picture them bouncing, they picture themselves squeezing them, they picture themselves motor-boating them. Women appreciate nice tits too, but in a different way. hot blonde big huge boobs breasts breast sexy beautiful modern braThey question if they are real or purchased and condemn the latter if they feel it gives the woman an unfair advantage in the dating pool. They compare and contrast them to their own breasts. They give kudos to women who wear them well.

4. Sex is a Taboo
It’s incredible that we see violent images of domestic abuse and middle easterners’ heads on poles… but no breasts on Facebook. That is ridiculous. There is nothing vulgar about nudity (albeit certain sex acts that cross a line of human decency). Looking at naked bodies turns us on and makes us more comfortable with our own body image. Yet when we see a naked picture we feel naughty. We feel dirty. We feel guilty. We shouldn’t be interested in that type of thing. Some may say it’s #NSFW… but it should be. Most of your coworkers have sex organs. Your HR lady has boobs. Unless you’re browsing YouPorn in your office an occasional naked body in your twitter feed shouldn’t get you fired. girl by window bra nipple boobs huge big breast boob breasts nipples sexy hot ala passtelWe are bombarded daily with shocking video of burglaries and bikes getting hit by cars, yet for some reason nudity is more taboo than violent crime. It just doesn’t make sense.

5. We Are All Perverts
A pervert is defined as “one whose sexual behavior differs from the accepted norm.” What is the norm? We are living in an age of sexual liberation. The idea of a man and a woman saving themselves for marriage seems as archaic as slaughtering a lamb to please God. We live in an age of butt-plugs, strap-ons, and Fleshlights! Each of us has our own sexual preferences and habits, yet we cannot help ourselves from feeling perverted when we see nudity, even though our desires are (most-likely) rather commonplace. When you are looking at your phone you feel like you are in a private place. An image pops up that turns on your “night-time mind.” You look around to make sure nobody at Starbucks is looking over your shoulder… and click the link.

…and there’s nothing wrong with naked girl denise milani big huge breast breasts hot laying no bra panties white beautiful

– John Powers

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